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Save Moorgate Old School!

Moorgate's old school buildings in Hospital Street, Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK are at risk.

" educational palace..."

Tamworth Herald - 12th February 1898

What’s the story?

Moorgate Primary Academy recently moved into new purpose-built accommodation leaving the owners, Staffordshire County Council, to consider options for disposal of the site which forms a key part of Hospital Street Local Conservation Area.

We believe the buildings must be protected as a vital part of Tamworth’s architectural heritage and be used to provide a much-needed resource for the local community.

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The Victorian school buildings were opened in 1898 and originally housed the Boys Central School for Tamworth and, later, Mercian Boys Secondary Modern School until its move to Ashby Road in 1960. The buildings then housed Moorgate Primary School until 2015, when the school left the Staffordshire County Council family of schools to become an academy and moved into new purpose-built accommodation at the top end of the school playing fields.

Moorgate's old Victorian buildings fall within The Leys Conservation Area and are locally listed as of particular architectural and social merit by Tamworth Borough Council. Despite this, the future of the old buildings are at risk. At this time, Staffordshire County Council are looking at various options for the school buildings including sale and redevelopment of the site. Should the site fall into the hands of a private developer there would be no guarantee that redevelopment for short term financial gain might not ultimately involve demolition. However
, we believe that community use of the buildings would be more likely to ensure their protection and continue to benefit our town long into the future.

What does this mean for Tamworth?

Loss of the Victorian Buildings would mean another huge disaster for Tamworth’s heritage. We have already lost too many historical buildings (including many former schools) to redevelopment and 'modernisation'. The loss of the building would be devastating to the local community. Not only do many local people have a strong emotional attachment to the building due to families attending the school, but it is the defining architectural feature of The Leys. Any significant change would not only adversely affect the quality of life of local residents, but it would also make a mockery of the Borough Council's Conservation Area scheme.

Additionally, Tamworth has recently lost many local community venues due to redevelopment and sale. This has left many local groups and charities without a home and without spaces to deliver support and local services which are themselves often funded by Staffordshire County Council and Tamworth Borough Council. Moorgate's old Victorian buildings could potentially meet the need for alternative accommodation and could provide a wonderful opportunity as a multi-use site for heritage, education, enterprise and more besides. Its town centre location would be a huge asset for all of these purposes.

What can we do?

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